Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our website. We would like to make it a convenient and useful tool for you to get some basic information about our Embassy and the extensive, and in many aspects unique, Hungarian-Finnish relations. If you can help us with some feedback, we appreciate it very much. For more daily news on our activities, follow us on Facebook as well.

The primary aim of our Embassy is to expand and deepen Hungarian-Finnish cooperation in all areas, including political, economic, cultural and people-to-people contacts. Our overarching objective is to represent the interests of Hungary, Hungarian citizens, Hungarian companies and various Hungarian organisations in Finland. The principles of our work are openness, honesty, partnership and service attitude. Our goal is to be useful for you as well.

Despite the big geographical distance, Hungary and Finland are closely connected by numerous links. These include linguistic affinity, memory of similar historical hardships, and a dense network of professional relations and friendliness between a wide range of organisations and people. Our common membership of the European Union is yet another unifying factor. We share the common European principles and values and we also have a common goal: a strong and stable European Union that pays attention to the security and well-being of its citizens.

There are some 2,000 Hungarian citizens and some 3,000 ethnic Hungarians living in Finland on a permanent basis. Many of them have already fully integrated into the Finnish society and besides this, they are proud of their Hungarian roots – and we are proud of them.

Finally, please let me make a personal statement. As an old friend of Finland and the Finnish people, it is a great honour for me to represent my home country here since October 2018. I have a strong emotional bond to this country. My love story with the Finnish language started at Veres Pálné High School in Budapest thanks to my classmates and Finnish language teachers. Later, during my studies at the University of Economics in Budapest, I had a chance to spend six months at the University of Helsinki as an exchange student, which further strengthened my commitment to our far-away language relatives. I also tried to maintain a special interest in Finland during my fifteen years as a journalist at Világgazdaság business daily newspaper. I joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to serve as the Head of Department for EU Presidency Communications of the very first Hungarian Presidency of the EU Council in 2011. For me, it was evident to apply for a position at the Embassy of Hungary in Helsinki afterwards. I spend wonderful years in Finland with my wife and four children. So it is not just a great honour and opportunity, but also a great pleasure for me to return to this magical country. I was happy to take on this great and noble task.

I would welcome your constructive suggestions and comments on how we can strengthen and build closer relationship between Hungary and Finland. Your kind help, interest and opinion are important to us. Thank you for your valuable time.

Yours sincerely,